Essential factors that founded Allfibra:

With proofs given in Portugal and at the International level, Allfibra is a group of technicians with complementary experiences in the Project, Inspection and Direction of Public and Private Works sector.

Our objective is to offer clients quality and rigorous services in Consulting, Project Management and Project.

The rigor and competence, together with transparency and professional ethics ensured, the success in the design and realization of many projects in Portugal and abroad. The recognition and trust obtained by our Clients and Partners to the logo of 15 years of activity, allow us to ambition more and to design new challenges.


Add Experience. Add Knowledge.

It is with this objective, Maximize Return on Investment, that we propose, in an integrated way, to achieve the most ambitious and complex processes:

  • Controlling and managing all stakeholders
  • Minimizing and eliminating risks
  • Controlling and minimizing costs
  • Organizing work and information systems
  • Ensuring quality at every stage

Boosting the ultimate success.


Integrated Management is a complete process, from the idea to the closing of the work,
in which we function as its representative.
This service creates considerable cost and time savings for the customer.

Consulting / Advice

  • Review | Project Compatibility
  • Technical and Constructive Solutions
  • Rehabilitation Solutions and Change of use typology in Buildings
  • Energy Audits
  • CFD Thermal Simulation
  • Study and Cost Review
  • Analysis of Proposals, Negotiation and Contracting;
  • Errors and Omissions and Overworked Processes
  • Preparation of Energy Rationalization Plans (PREn) in accordance with the RGCE (Energy Consumption Management Regulation)
  • Creation of Procedures, Models and Information Management Systems
  • Supervision of constructions
  • Security Coordination in the Project and Construction Phase



  • Architecture
  • Landscape and Urban Planning Architecture
  • Execution Projects
  • Foundations and Structure Projects;
  • Structural Rehabilitation Projects;
  • Peripheral Containment Projects;
  • Projects of Special Foundations;
  • Projects of Drainage Networks of Domestic and Rainwater Wastewater;
  • Projects of Water Supply Networks;
  • Projects of Gas Supply Networks;
  • Thermal Behavior Verification Projects (RCCTE);
  • Climatisation and Ventilation of Buildings Projects (RCESE);
  • Projects of Acoustic Behavior Verification;
    Electricity Projects;
  • Telecommunications Projects;
  • Fire Safety Projects;
  • Infrastructure Projects (Water Supply Networks, Wastewater and Rainwater Drainage, Gas, Telecommunications, Electricity, Roadways, Signage)
  • Geotechnical Studies